Gronk: A Monster’s Story vol. 1


Gronk: A Monster’s Story vol. 1
by Katie Cook
Published by Action Lab Entertainment
due out March 3, 2015
for all ages

Gronk started life as a character that Katie Cook started drawing for a college class, grew into a weekly webcomic found at and is soon coming out as a book. Gronk is young monster, green and cuddly with a mop of blonde hair, that never quite felt part of her monster community, so she sets off on her own, seeking new friends? a new family? adventure? It’s never quite clear, but that’s okay because she stumbles upon Dale, her kitty and her dog, Harli, who all happily incorporate Gronk into their lives. There’s no real storyline here, it mostly just shows the foursome growing into a family, teaching Gronk about life among humans and Dale’s love of all things nerdy as she introduces Gronk to Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc…

The Ins: This comic is completely accessible for many ages, Gronk is a lovable, slightly mischievous monster with a big heart. The fairly simple storyline makes it easier for younger kids to read and enjoy, with a framework of familiar holidays to show the passage of time. Short sentences and a fairly easy vocabulary level with a few difficult words and phrases thrown in periodically make it challenging for emerging readers, and engaging for older readers, including adults.  Very relatable on many levels.

The Outs: Not many, but some older readers may be put off by the seeming simplicity.

The All-Around: I’ll definitely be buying this for my library, and checking to see how the students in my school respond to it. Hopefully there will be more.

E-galley provided by the publisher via NetGalley



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