Each Saturday Ruth Ayres hosts a link-up party for bloggers to share their weekly celebrations, both large and small. This week I add my first. The link is here.

I’ll start small. I’m simply celebrating the fact that I’m finally putting together a blog that I’ve been thinking about for years. I’ve been a school librarian for nearly 15 years, and an educator even longer. It is so easy to get stuck inside the small bubble of school that we live in, and for the past several years I’ve been an avid lurker in the blogosphere, on Twitter and various other places where librarians gather virtually. Time to step out of lurkdom and participate, even if that means that no one is looking. So I celebrate the effort to reach out to the wider community of readers, librarians, educators, writers, and whoever else may be interested and say┬áhi.

Hi. If you’re reading this, you’ve taken the time to follow a link and see what’s what. At this point, not much is here, but I’m hoping to change that over the next weeks and months. I hope you come back and see.

I can be found on Twitter and GoodReads, feel free to find me. Links are to the right.

Cheers, Jody